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ENWorld IC Post Color: Sea Green

  Name: H'Roosh                                        Age: 25
 Class: Fighter/Monk                                Height: 6'5"
  Race: Genasi (Water)                              Weight: 225 lbs
  Size: Medium                                        Hair: Dark Green, Top-Knot
Gender: Male                                          Eyes: Glowing Blue
 Align: Lawful Good                                   Skin: Sea Green
 Deity: Oseaan

Str: 14 +2            Level:  02/07          XP:  49951
Dex: 18 +4            Speed:  50'            HP:  72
Con: 12 +1             Init: +04            ACP:  NA
Int: 14 +2              BAB: +07        Dmg Red:  0/anything
Wis: 18 +4          Grapple: +13      Spell Res:  None
Cha: 09 -1               LA: +01     Spell Save:  NA

    AC:     Total  Base  Armor  Shld   Dex  Size   Def   Nat  Misc
              20    10     +0    +0    +4   +0     +0    +0    +6

                  Touch AC: 20              Flatfooted AC: 16

                Total  Base   Mod  Misc   Special
Fort:            13     5     +4    +4    +2 vs. Water/Enchantment
Ref:             13     8     +1    +4
Will:            13     5     +4    +4

Weapon            Attack      Damage  Critical    Special
Unarmed Attack    +12/+12/+7  2d6+5   20/x2       +1 Magic Enhancement
  (As 12th Level)                                 Flurry of Blows
                                                  Stunning Fist (7/Day)
                                                  +4 Disarm/Grapple/Trip
                                                  +1d4 Damage (7/Day)
                                                  Reflect Ranged Damage 1/Rnd
                                                  Deflect Ranged Attack 1/Rnd
                                                  Trade Attack Bonus for AC

Languages: Common, Aquan, Gnoll, Elvish

Genasi Traits:
    * +2 CON, -2 CHA
    * Native Outsider
    * Swim Speed 30'
    * Water Breathing
    * Darkvision (60')
    * +2 Saves vs. Water Spells/Effects
    * Create Water 1/Day as 5th Level Druid
    * LA +1

Fighter Abilities:
    * Proficiencies: All Armor/Shields; Simple/Martial Weapons
    * Fighter Bonus Feats (2)

Monk (Tide Walker) Abilities:
    * AC Bonus (Wisdom Bonus, +2 Bonus (As 12th Lvl Monk)
    * Improved Unarmed Strike/Flurry of Blows
    * Evasion (No Damage from Save vs. ½ Damage Attacks)
    * Fast Movement (+20')
    * Still Mind (+2 Saves vs. Enchantment)
    * Ki Strike (Magic)
    * Slow Fall (30')
    * Purity of Body (Immune to Disease)
    * Wholeness of Body (Heal 14 Pts/Day)

    * Sea Dog (Profession: Sailor (4); KS (Sea), Rope Use, Swim (2 Each)
    * Alertness                 - +2 Listen/Spot
    * Combat Expertise          - Trade Attack Bonus for AC
    *   Improved Trip           - +4 Trip Attempts, No AoO
    *   Improved Disarm         - +4 Disarm Atempts, No AoO
    * Deflect Arrows            - Deflect 1 Ranged Attack/Round
    * Improved Unarmed Strike   - Considered Armed, Extra Damage (Monk)
    *   Improved Grapple        - +4 Grapple, No AoO
    * Stunning Fist             - 7/Day, Save DC 18
    * Weapon Finesse (Unarmed)  - Use DEX Modifier for Unarmed Attacks
    * Fists of Iron             - +1d4 Damage 7/Day
    * Turn the Tide             - Redirect Ranged Damage 1/Round

Skill Points: 73 (8 Fighter/65 Monk)

Skills                     Total   Rank   Ability  Misc
Appraise                    02                2     5*
Balance                     11       5        4     2
Bluff                      -01               -1     
Climb                       07       5        2     2*
Concentration               09       8        1     
Craft (Bonsai/Calligraphy)  07       5        2     
Decipher Script                               2     
Diplomacy                  -01               -1     
Disable Device                                2     
Disguise                   -01               -1     
Escape Artist               04                4     2*
Forgery                     02                2     
Gather Information         -01               -1     
Handle Animal                                -1     
Heal                        04                4     
Hide                        09       5        4     
Intimidate                  07       8       -1     
Jump                        09       5        2     2
Knowledge (Arcana)          04       2        2     
Knowledge (Arch/Engn)                         2     
Knowledge (Dngnrng)                           2     
Knowledge (Geography)                         2     
Knowledge (History)                           2     
Knowledge (Local: The Sea)  04       2        2     
Knowledge (Nature)                            2     
Knowledge (Nobility)                          2     
Knowledge (Religion)                          2     
Knowledge (The Planes)                        2     
Listen                      12       6        4     2
Move Silently               09       5        4     
Open Lock                   04                4     
Perform                    -01               -1     
Profession (Sailor)         13       9        4     
Ride                        04                4     
Search                      02                2     
Sense Motive                04                4     
Sleight of Hand             04                4     
Speak Language                                      
Spellcraft                                    2     
Spot                        12       6        4     2
Survival                    04                4     
Swim                        04       2        2     
Tumble                      11       5        4     2
Use Magic Device                             -1     
Use Rope                    09       5        4     2*

*Circumstantial bonuses not included in total

PP: 00     GP: 3777     SP: 300     CP: 00

Equipment                      Cost    Weight
Monks Belt*                 13000gp
Sailor's Britches*           5000gp      1 lb
Sailor's Greaves*             500gp      1 lb
Vest of Resistance (+2)*                 1 lb
Bracers of Dexterity (+2)*   4000gp      1 lb
Circlet of Wisdom (+2)*      4000gp
Amulet of Emergency Healing*
Ring of Thunderclaps*
Marin's Duffel (Small BoH)*             15 lb
  Marin's Maine Gauche*
  Rope (100' Silk)/Climb Kit  100gp   
  Rations (10 Days)             5gp   
  Waterskins (2)                2gp
  Tanglefoot Bags (5)         250gp
  Thunderstones (5)           250gp
  Smokesticks (5)             100gp
  Tindertwigs (10)             10gp
  Oil (10 Flasks)               1gp
  Hammock/Bedroll               1gp
  Soap (2 lbs)                  1gp
  Flint & Steel                 1gp
  Caltrops                      1gp
  Grappling Hook                1gp
  Potion (Barkskin)*

          *See 'Magic Items' Spoiler

                        Total Weight:   19 lb

            Light  Medium   Heavy    Over Head  Lift    Push
Max Weight: 0-58   59-116   117-175  0-175      0-350   0-875


[sblock=Stat Block][code]
   HP: 64/72      AC: 20   AC(T): 20   AC(FF): 16
 Init: +04     ST(F):+02   ST(R):+06    ST(W):+02

  BAB: 07    Grapple:+13

                Total  Base   Mod  Misc   Special
Fort:            13     5     +4    +4    +2 vs. Water/Enchantment
Ref:             13     8     +1    +4
Will:            13     5     +4    +4

Weapon            Attack      Damage  Critical    Special
Unarmed Attack    +12/+12/+7  2d6+5   20/x2       +1 Magic Enhancement
  (As 12th Level)                                 Flurry of Blows
                                                  Stunning Fist (7/Day)
                                                  +4 Disarm/Grapple/Trip
                                                  +1d4 Damage (7/Day)
                                                  Reflect Ranged Damage 1/Rnd
                                                  Deflect Ranged Attack 1/Rnd
                                                  Trade Attack Bonus for AC

Magic Items
Permanent Greater Magic Fang
H’Roosh’s unarmed attacks have a +1 Magic Enhancement Bonus TH and Damage, due to the effects of a Permanent Greater Magic Fang Potion.

Sailor’s Trews
Plain Cotton/Canvas Britches, loose and hanging to mid-shin. Confer a +1 Resistance Bonus to all Saving Throws, and the wearer is under the effects of an Endure Elements spell – he can live in extreme conditions (-50 F to 140 F) comfortably and without having to make Fortitude Saves. This item fills the Robe ‘slot.’

Monk’s Belt
A simple rope belt. When worn by a Monk, he is treated as five levels higher for purposes of calculating AC Bonus and Unarmed damage, and gets one additional Stunning Fist per day.

Sailor’s Greaves
Simple leather ‘Bracers’ for the shins. Provide the protection of hard leather for the feet and shins, while actually leaving the feet bare for surefootedness. Provide a +2 Competence Bonus on Balance Checks.

Bracers of Dexterity
Plain leather bracers; Confer +2 Enhancement Bonus to Dexterity.

Circlet of Wisdom
Unadorned leather headband; Confer +2 Enhancement Bonus to Wisdom.

Amulet of Emergency Healing
Silver torc set with a large Jade sea turtle; Allows the wearer to heal 1d4+5 points of damage to himself or to anyone else w/in 30’ (3x/Day). Stabilizes target even if HP are below -9, as long as the healing brings HP above -9 and as long as the healing occurs within one round of target HP dropping below -9.

Ring of Thunderclaps
A thick ring of solid jade, carved with intricate cloud patterns. Swift (Command) Action activates a touch attack that deals 1d8+5 damage (must be completed before the end of the wearer’s turn) (3x/Day). On completion of this attack, a Free (Command) Action will cause a Thunderclap (mimics the effects of a Shout Spell) (1x/Day).

Marin & Sons Sailor’s Duffel
A well made and intricately decorated sailors duffel bag that is actually a Bag of Holding (Type I). It is made of heavy canvas oilcloth, trimmed in sharkskin and with grommets and fasteners made from narwhale ivory. Embroidered with the Marin & Sons logo. Waterproof and bouyant.

Vest of Resistance
Made from the finely cured skin of the fabled sea serpents of the Imperial Preserve, this open vest provides a +2 Enhancement Bonus to all Saves.


H’Roosh is tall and muscular. His skin is a pale green, his eyes dark with glowing blue pupils, and his hair is the dark green of a healthy kelp bed. He wears his hair in a long top-knot to the middle of his back. He is festooned with beautiful tattoos. A sea turtle almost completely covers his chest and abdomen, a kraken hides his back and its tentacles wrap around him and twine down his arms from his shoulders to the backs of his hands. The serpentine bodies of twin sea dragons start at his hips and spiral sinuously down his legs, ending on the tops of his feet. Finally, rarely seen is the tattoo of a shark’s lower jaw and teeth which extends from temple to temple around the back of his head.

H’Roosh wears only a pair of cotton/canvas trews, loose fitting and hanging to mid-calf. They are held up with a simple rope belt. His ‘ornamentation’ consists of simple leather bracers and greaves, a plain leather headband (worn under his hair so that it shows only across his forehead), and a torc made of silver set with a large jade sea turtle. He also wears a thick ring fashioned from a solid piece of jade and carved in intricate cloud patterns.

Though he feels deeply, his Outsider nature means H’Roosh interprets events somewhat differently than creatures of this plane. Thus, he has difficulty with some interactive skills such as Diplomacy and Sense Motive. His reading and studies have left him devoted to the pursuit of goodness, and he is scrupulously honest. He lives his life now according to the tenets of the sea, as best he can interpret them through his limited mortal understanding – the sea is a hard taskmaster, completely unforgiving of mistakes and often deadly.

However, there is also unending variety and beauty in the sea, along with almost unlimited power for those who can harness it.

H’Roosh’s parents were (or are, if they’re still alive) Pirates. He spent the first years of his life on their ship, SeerôverGrutskens. Although he served his parents faithfully and participated in many acts of cruelty and piracy, he was also an avid reader. Whenever books were available, H’roosh claimed them as his share of the loot. Through these intellectual pursuits, he began to ask some fundamental questions about man’s purpose, the nature of good and evil, etc. He began to grow disenchanted with the pirate’s life, and was more and more reluctant to participate in the lifestyle his parents had chosen for him.

When he was 13, a disagreement with a few of the crew led to the young pirate being thrown overboard by a pirate named Krûpe and some of his cronies. Though severely injured in the scuffle, fate led H’Roosh to the shores of the Isle of Chelestra, and into the care of the Monastery established there. For the next 8 years, H’Roosh studied the different aspects of spiritual and physical development available on the island. During his first year, he investigated both monastic and martial paths, leaning toward the peace and serenity offered by the monastery but still interested in the violence of the path of the warrior. After gaining some skill in both areas, he found a monastic school that offered both spirituality and focused violence – The Order of the Tide Walkers. Giving up the use of weapons entirely (a difficult sacrifice for one who spent his formative years as a pirate), H’Roosh devoted himself entirely to the strictest order on the Isle.

During his studies, H’Roosh learned that his parent’s ship had been attacked by a Sea Dragon, and the remains had been found on a shore in the Wheelands. No bodies were found, leading the authorities to deduce that everyone aboard had been eaten. Shortly thereafter, a monk came to the island seeking sanctuary and healing. H’Roosh recognized the man as Ferriede, one of his parents’ former crew and a member of Krûpe’s gang. He immediately spoke out against Ferriede, who was turned away from the monastery and the Isle. However, Ferriede’s presence on Chelestra led H’Roosh to believe that Krûpe’s entire gang had survived the attack on the SeerôverGrutskens. This knowledge disrupted H’Roosh’s studies and serenity, and he developed the desire to avenge himself on the cretins who left him to die in the ocean.

After consulting with his masters, H’Roosh decided to leave the island to find Krûpe’s Crew and force a reckoning. It was during his first year off the island that H’Roosh found and befriended Captain Marin. He crewed on several of the Captain’s ships over the next few years, both making his reputation as a capable seaman and expanding his search for his foes.

After two years of searching, H’Roosh has finally caught up with Krûpe (‘Gold Tooth’) and his crew in Mermaid’s Rest, and has arrived just in time to have his reckoning.

Order of the Tide Walkers
Tide Walking is a Soft/Hard form that emphasizes an emulation of the motion of the sea. Tide Walkers concentrate on using awareness of the environment along with many flowing evasive and defensive maneuvers to keep opponents engaged while searching for the perfect time and place to insert a hard strike so as to have the most impact on the outcome of the combat. This art is more about alertness, defense, patience, finesse and placement of blows than about overpowering an opponent.

Mastery Requirements
   Level: Monk 12
  Skills: Concentration (8 Ranks), Listen (8 Ranks), Spot (8 Ranks)
   Feats: Alertness, Combat Expertise, Dodge, Defensive Strike, Weapon Finesse

Bonus Ability: Turning the Tide
A Tide Walker may never take up an object for use in combat. Doing so is grounds for immediate dismissal from the Order, and the spiritual/psychic disruption destroys the Monk’s ability to use their unique Tide Walker discipline. Said Monk is also treated as though he had changed to a non-Lawful alignment until the completion of a special Quest of Atonement set forth by his former masters.

In return for this sacrifice, upon gaining the Deflect Arrow feat, the Tide Walker also gains the ability to Turn the Tide. This is a Supernatural Ability that allows the Tide Walker to absorb the kinetic energy of any ranged attack and immediately redirect it as a special Ki strike – a Ranged Touch Attack – against his attacker. This is an Attack of Opportunity which is provoked only by a ranged attack against the Tide Walker. If the Tide Walker is subject to multiple ranged attacks, he may choose which of the attacks he attempts to Turn. The Attack Roll for Turning the Tide is made at the Tide Walker’s highest base attack bonus, and since it is a touch attack the Tide Walker ignores his opponent’s Armor, Shield, and Natural Armor bonuses to AC. The Tide Walker may attempt to Turn the Tide only once per round, unless he has purchased the Blue Moon Feat, which allows a second Turning in a round.

Each attempt to Turn the Tide requires a successful Concentration roll with a DC of 10 plus the damage from the incoming attack. The Tide Walker gets his Wisdom Modifier in addition to his Constitution Modifier for this Concentration Check. If the roll is failed, the Tide Walker takes the entire amount of damage as he is unable to redirect the damage he absorbed. If the Tide Walker succeeds in his Concentration Check, he redirects the maximum amount of damage he could normally do with an unarmed attack, limited by the amount actually done in the incoming attack. If there is any damage left after the Tide Walker redirects his portion, that damage is deflected harmlessly away.

Example: An Orc takes a shot at a 5th level Tide Walker (Wisdom and Constitution both 18) with his longbow. The damage roll is a 5. The Tide Walker makes a Concentration Check against a DC of (10+5=15). He is plus 8 to this check. He rolls a 10 on the dice, modified to an 18, handily succeeding his check. The Tide Walker may immediately redirect the kinetic energy from the arrow back at the Orc as a Ranged Touch Attack. He makes an attack roll at his highest base attack bonus, ignoring the Orc’s Armor, Shield, and Natural Armor bonuses. He hits the Orc, and does 5 points of damage. If the Orc had been using a Heavy Crossbow and done 10 points of damage, the Tide Walker could have redirected 8 points of that (the maximum damage for his Unarmed Attack at 5th level), and the other two points would have been deflected as per the Deflect Arrow feat.

Unlike Deflect Arrow, Turning the Tide improves as the skill of the Tide Walker progresses, so that the Tide Walker may eventually be able to deflect Large or Fast moving missiles, or even Large AND Fast Moving missiles. At 8th level, the Tide Walker gains the ability to Turn the energy from Large or Fast Moving missiles, such as Ballista Bolts or Bullets. At 16th level, missile attacks which are both Large AND Fast Moving, such as Trebuchet Stones or Cannon Balls, may be Turned.

Finally, the Tide Walker’s ability to overcome Damage Resistance with Turn the Tide improves just like the Monk’s Unarmed Attack skill. Thus, at 4th level the Turning is treated as a Magic Weapon, at 10th level it is a Lawful Weapon, and at 16th level it is an Adamantine Weapon.

Mastery Skill: Walking the Tide
Upon mastery of this art, the Tide Walker’s ability to emulate the laws and motion of sea, combined with his preternatural awareness, allow him to flow out of the way of attacks, even if he is not consciously aware of them. Treat this as identical to the Rogue ability Uncanny Dodge – the Tide Walker will not lose his Dexterity modifier to AC even if caught flat footed. Of course, if he is bound or held immobile, he does lose his Dexterity modifier to AC.


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