Kulvo Maklathne'e

Constables of the 14th Ward (Scotley & Leif)


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  Name: Kulvo 'SoulFetter' Maklathne'e         Age: 20
 Class: Gol-Kaa Barbarian/Fighter           Height: 8'6"
  Race: Urgant (Goliath)                    Weight: 500 lbs
  Size: Medium                                Hair: Black (Body)
Gender: Male                                  Eyes: Green
 Align: Chaotic Good 
 Deity: Panthiest

Str: 20 +5            Level: 05/02   Level Adj: 01
Dex: 14 +2              BAB: +7/+2          XP: 28100
Con: 16 +3          Grapple: +20            HP: 67 (46 + CON)
Int: 14 +2            Speed: 40'       Dmg Red: 0/anything
Wis: 10 +0             Init: +2      Spell Res: None
Cha: 10 +0              ACP: -0

    AC:     Total  Base  Armor  Shld   Dex  Size   Def   Nat  Misc
              18    10    +6     +0    +2   +0     +0    +0    +0

                  Touch AC: 12              Flatfooted AC: 16

                Total  Base   Mod  Misc
Fort:            10     7     +3    0  
Ref:              3     1     +2    0  
Will:             1     1      0    0  

Weapon                         Attack    Damage               Critical
Great Axe +2 (Lg)              +12/+07   3d6+09 (+1d6 Cold)      20/x3
Longbow (Mty (20) Cmpst, Lg)   +09/+04   2d6+05                  20/x3
Throwing Axe (Lg)              +10/+05   1d8+05                  20/x2
   (Thrown)                    +09/+04   1d8+05                  20/x2
Truncheon (Lg)                 +11/+06   1d8+05                  20/x2
   (Thrown)                    +10/+05   1d6+05                  20/x2
Empty Hand                     +11/+06   1d3+05                  20/x2

Languages: Common, Gol-Kaa, Giant, Goblin

Urgant Traits:
    * +4 STR, +2 CON, -2 DEX
    * Powerful Build (Considered Large for Opposed Checks & Susceptibility
        to Special Attacks; May use Large Weapons at no penalty)
    * Mountain Movement (Standing Jumps made as though Running; Accelerated
        Climbing at no penalty)
    * Acclimated (No penalties for living at Altitude)
    * Read Body Language (+2 Sense Motive Checks)

Gol-Kaa Barbarian Abilities:
    * Fast Movement (Normal Movement +10')
    * Mountain Rage (2x/Day; +6 STR, +4 CON, +2 Will Saves, -3 AC, -1 TH,
        Size becomes Large (9'6", 750 lbs), Cannot use Skills/Abilities
        requiring concentration, Fatigued (-2 STR & DEX) rest of encounter)
    * Improved Uncanny Dodge (Cannot be caught Flat Footed unless bound
        or immobilized; cannot be flanked unless by Rogue 4 lvls higher)
    * Trap Sense (+1 AC vs. Traps - Dodge Bonus)

Fighter Abilities:
    * Weapon/Armor Proficiencies: All Simple/Martial Weapons, All Armor & Shields
    * Bonus Feats (Extra Combat Feats at 1st, 2nd, and every odd level)
    * Improved Unarmed Strike
    * Improved Grapple
    * Power Attack (Fighter Bonus)
    * Leap Attack (Complete Adventurer)
    * Quick Draw (Fighter Bonus)

Skill Points: 62 (6*4 1st Lvl + 6/Lvl*5 Lvls + 4/Lvl*2 Lvls)

Skills                Total   Rank (B)   Rank (F)   Ability  Misc
Appraise                2                              2       
Balance                10       4          2 (4)       2       2
Bluff                   0                              0       
Climb                   9       4                      5       
Concentration           3                              3       
Craft (Bowyer/Fletcher) 6       4                      2       
Craft (Brewmeister)     6       4                      2       
Diplomacy               0                              0       
Disguise                0                              0       
Escape Artist           2                              2       
Forgery                 2                              2       
Gather Information      0                              0       
Heal                    0                              0       
Hide                    2                              2       
Intimidate              4       4                      0       
Jump                   17       8                      5       4
Knowledge (Arcana)                                     2       
Knowledge (Dngnrng)                                    2       
Knowledge (Engnrng)                                    2       
Knowledge (Geography)                                  2       
Knowledge (History)                                    2       
Knowledge (Local)                                      2       
Knowledge (Nature)                                     2       
Knowledge (Nobility)                                   2       
Knowledge (Planes)                                     2       
Knowledge (Religion)                                   2       
Listen                  2                              2       
Move Silently           2                              2       
Perform                 0                              0       
Profession (Constable)  3       3 (6)                  0       
Ride                    2                              2       
Search                  2                              2       
Sense Motive            6       4                      0       2
Spot                    3       3 (6)                  0       
Survival                4       4                      0       
Swim                    9                  4           5       
Tumble                  7       3 (6)                  2       2
Use Rope                2                              2       

PP: 00     GP: 4780    SP: 17     CP: 07

Equipment                           Cost    Weight
Explorer's Outfit 
Mithril Shirt (+2)                  5100gp   10 lb
Great Axe (+2; Spell Storing 3, Lg)          24 lb
          (Lesser Energy Assault
             Crystal, Cold)
Composite Longbow (MW, 20 STR, Lg)  1000gp    6 lb
  (20 Arrows)                          1gp    6 lb
Throwing Axe (Lg, x2)                 16gp    8 lb
Black Truncheon of Barcarus (Lg)              2 lb
Heward's Handy Haversack            2000gp    5 lb
  Great Axe (MW, Lg)                 340gp
  Climbing Gear                       80gp
  Rope (Silk, 100')                   20gp
  Tent                                10gp
  Bedroll                              1sp
  Two Explorer's Outfits (Spare)      20gp

Personal Brewery (10 Gallon, MW)    105gp
                             Total Weight:  61 lb

            Light  Medium   Heavy    Over Head  Lift    Push
Max Weight: 0-133  134-266  267-400  400        800     2000



[sblock=Stat Block]

[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Senses:[/B][/COLOR] DarkVision
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Search:[/B][/COLOR] +02, [COLOR=SlateGray][B]Spot:[/B][/COLOR] +3
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Listen:[/B][/COLOR] +02, [COLOR=SlateGray][B]Sense Motive:[/B][/COLOR] +6

[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Weapon in Hand:[/B][/COLOR] GreatAxe

[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Conditions:[/B][/COLOR] None

[U]Standard Block[/U]
[B][COLOR=SlateGray]Initiative:[/B][/COLOR] +02
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]AC:[/B][/COLOR] 18 (12 Touch, 16 Flat-Footed)
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]HP:[/B][/COLOR] 67/67
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Grapple:[/B][/COLOR] +20
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Fort:[/B][/COLOR] +10 [COLOR=SlateGray][B]Reflex: [/B][/COLOR] +03 [COLOR=SlateGray][B]Will:[/B][/COLOR] +01
[CODE]Weapon                         Attack    Damage               Critical
Great Axe +2 (Lg)              +12/+07   3d6+09 (+1d6 Cold)      20/x3
Longbow (Mty (20) Cmpst, Lg)   +09/+04   2d6+05                  20/x3
Throwing Axe (Lg)              +10/+05   1d8+05                  20/x2
   (Thrown)                    +09/+04   1d8+05                  20/x2
Truncheon (Lg)                 +11/+06   1d8+05                  20/x2
   (Thrown)                    +10/+05   1d6+05                  20/x2
Empty Hand                     +11/+06   1d3+05                  20/x2[/CODE]

[U]Rage Block[/U]
[B][COLOR=SlateGray]Initiative:[/B][/COLOR] +02
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]AC:[/B][/COLOR] 16 (10 Touch, 14 Flat-Footed)
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]HP:[/B][/COLOR] 81/81
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Grapple:[/B][/COLOR] +22
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Fort:[/B][/COLOR] +10 [COLOR=SlateGray][B]Reflex: [/B][/COLOR] +04 [COLOR=SlateGray][B]Will:[/B][/COLOR] +04
[CODE]Weapon                         Attack    Damage               Critical
Great Axe +2 (Lg)              +15/+10   3d6+14 (+1d6 Cold)      20/x3
Longbow (Mty (20) Cmpst, Lg)   +09/+04   2d6+05                  20/x3
Throwing Axe (Lg)              +13/+08   1d8+08                  20/x2
   (Thrown)                    +09/+04   1d8+08                  20/x2
Truncheon (Lg)                 +14/+09   1d8+08                  20/x2
   (Thrown)                    +10/+05   1d6+08                  20/x2
Empty Hand                     +15/+10   1d3+08                  20/x2[/CODE]

[U]Fatigue Block[/U]
[B][COLOR=SlateGray]Initiative:[/B][/COLOR] +02
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]AC:[/B][/COLOR] 17 (11 Touch, 17 Flat-Footed)
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]HP:[/B][/COLOR] 67/67
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Grapple:[/B][/COLOR] +19
[COLOR=SlateGray][B]Fort:[/B][/COLOR] +10 [COLOR=SlateGray][B]Reflex: [/B][/COLOR] +02 [COLOR=SlateGray][B]Will:[/B][/COLOR] +01
[CODE]Weapon                         Attack    Damage               Critical
Great Axe +2 (Lg)              +11/+06   3d6+08 (+1d6 Cold)      20/x3
Longbow (Mty (20) Cmpst, Lg)   +06/+01   2d6+04                  20/x3
Throwing Axe (Lg)              +09/+04   1d8+08                  20/x2
   (Thrown)                    +08/+03   1d8+08                  20/x2
Truncheon (Lg)                 +10/+05   1d8+04                  20/x2
   (Thrown)                    +09/+04   1d6+04                  20/x2
Empty Hand                     +11/+06   1d3+04                  20/x2[/CODE]

Kulvo Maklathne’e was born into a tribe of Urgants who live high in the mountains to the south and west of Lauralie Summerhome called the Gol-Kaa Ri, which in their tongue means, “The True People.” SoulFetter was brought up in the traditional Urgant fashion, and he spent most of his free time laboring in the forested mountains. As a young man, Kulvo’s honorific was SummitSeeker, and he was among the most promising of his tribe’s young adults. He was chosen as a Captain at 15 years old, and led many very successful hunting parties and scouting expeditions as well as engaging in solo hunts and feats of athletic prowess.

When he was 18 years old, he was on one of his hunting expeditions when he came across an old human man being threatened by a bear. Before he could intervene, the man’s aspect became terrible – great curling ram’s horns sprouted from his forhead, and he immediately attacked the bear with them. SummitSeeker quickly overcame his awe and moved to help the (not so helpless) old man. Once the bear was vanquished, they began talking, and SummitSeeker was drawn to the man’s peculiar form of ‘magic.’ The young Gul-Kaa began meeting with the old man several times a week, and was gradually initiated into the secrets of Soul Binding.

One day SummitSeeker was Captaining a scouting party that ran across a similar party of giants. He had been with the old man the day before, and had bound his first Vestige – Aym. While her Sign was not readily apparent to his party, it was plain that something was going on when his body became wreathed in flames and the giants they were fighting began burning when they attacked him.

Upon returning to the tribe, SummitSeeker was questioned closely by the chieftain. When the nature of his newly acquired skills became apparent, most of the tribe (including some of the Dawncallers and the Adjudicator) were horrified, so although the chieftain and a few other important members (the Skywatcher and a couple of the Dawncallers) were not so closed minded they were compelled to exile him to avoid a tribal split. His new nickname, SoulFetter, was given at the time of his exile. It was meant as a mark of shame due to the taboo nature of his newly revealed skills.

Despondent in his grief, the newly named SoulFetter wandered aimlessly through the mountains. Normally adept at survival in this harsh environment, his grief made him careless and he suffered a bad fall. He was knocked unconscious, and awakened in the midst of a terrible blizzard. Disoriented by his injury and his sadness, he began wandering again, and finally stumbled into Lauralie Summerhome where he collapsed in the road.

He was found by a local bartender returning to his establishment after purchasing supplies. That gruff but kind hearted man, one Knute ‘Sarge’ Knuckles, took the huge youngster back to his tavern, the Dangling Eyeball, and SoulFetter spent weeks recovering there. Eventually, the young Gol-Kaa recognized that he would have to begin working to survive – both materially and spiritually. ‘Sarge’ gave him a recommendation to the 14th precinct and Ignatious Ironshirt. He found himself a good fit there – his amiable nature and sense of fair play make him well liked by both the other officers and the citizens, though his competitive spirit and determination that the wellfare of his charges comes before the letter of the law has gotten him in hot water with Magistrate Ironshirt fairly frequently.

While he doesn’t take pains to hide his abilities to bind spirits, SoulFetter also does not advertise those skills. They have become a fact of life for him, and he’s gradually learned to bear his new moniker as a badge of courage and a mark of a unique set of skills that make him a useful addition to the 14th Ward, and uniquely capable of promoting the peace and welfare of his adopted city.

A few months after taking his position with the Constabulary, SoulFetter was contacted by the Chieftain of the Gol-Kaa Ri. That worthy fellow explained to the youngster his personal feelings and the political necessities of his exile, and offered to maintain contact with SoulFetter – both as a way to keep the young man involved with the tribe and as a way to maintain a contact in the city.

Time and his tenuous contact with his tribe – he still consideres them ‘his’ tribe in spite of his exile – have taken most of SoulFetter’s grief, and he’s made his home in Lauralie Summerhome. He maintains contact with his chieftain and the few friends he has left in the tribe, and helps his tribe as he can. Such contact and aid have to be at least somewhat covert, as most members of the tribe would not accept it if they knew from whence it came.

SoulFetter was recently recalled to his tribe by the Shaman, who informed the young Urgant in no uncertain terms that it was time to end this . unnatural ‘Binder’ foolishness and start living his life as the Gods intended. The gruff but kindly spiritual leader of the Ri offered to help SoulFetter be rid of his burden of unnatural knowledge and abilities through a special ceremony. Secretly glad of the chance to be accepted back into his tribe, but also a little apprehensive about what such a ceremony would entail, SoulFetter agreed to go through with it. The Shaman led SoulFetter on a trek into the mountains and called on his mighty magics, enacting a little known ‘Ritual of Rebirth.’ The young Urgant emerged from the ritual a remade man, as though he had lived his life in a different way. Gone were the strange abilities and knowledge the hermit had cursed him with, though he still retained the memories of his life before the ritual. The old Gol-Kaa clapped his young charge on the shoulder, pronouncing him reborn. However, as a reminder of his folly and a warning of its price, he declared that the use-name ‘SoulFetter’ would remain with the new made Barbarian.

SoulFetter is big – really big – even for a Gol-Kaa. He is 8 1/2 feet tall, and weighs 500 pounds. The light dusting of hair on his arms is black, and his skin is light gray with darker gray markings in beautiful patterns. He dresses in simple clothes worn over his Mithril Shirt when on duty. Even when he’s not bristling with his usual complement of weapons, his size and appearance have been enough to stop many a fledgling barfight.

Amiable by nature, he nevertheless maintains his race’s fierce competitive spirit, well tempered by a sense of honor and fair play. He upholds the law because it is his job, but considers his true duty to be looking after the best interests of the people of his adopted city.

When he’s off duty, SoulFetter spends his time practicing his bow and arrow making, and thoroughly enjoys the brewing of a very special amber ale which he’s spent some years perfecting. He doesn’t sell this ale, but does make a gift of the occasional gallon to his friends. He also sends some back to his tribe every year. At any given time he will have from 5 to 10 gallons of 2 or 3 different kinds of ale and beer on hand, each of a quality that would bring a silver piece a mug (10 times the usual cost) in a pub.

Kulvo Maklathne'e

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